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"A Soldier of the Revolution"
A true story.

Inscription reads:
"John Tyler
March 10. 1840
In His 75. Year"
"A Soldier Of The Revolution"
"I am the resurrection, and the life:
he that believeth in me,
though he were dead, yet shall he live."

On my way back from Washington, D.C. in March, 2012, I went to visit an 86 year old woman that I have known for many years. Going north, I took a right turn at Gettysburg and another 20 minutes later I was at her home in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Shortly after saying hello and the small talk, I told her that I was running for Congress.

She literally grabbed a chair to recover from the shock of that news. Then she went on to tell me of her grandfather, Andrew Olien.

Andrew Olien was born in Sweden and realized the American dream. He had worked for the railroad, then had a hardware store, and eventually was elected to the Minnesota State Legislature. She proceeded to show me the family tree.

Olien's wife was named Mary Tyler. Her parents were born in New York. Mary Tyler was the granddaughter of John Dymon Tyler that served in the Revolutionary War.

(The 86 year old lady's family has thought there was a relation to President Tyler also, but the family research is not complete on that.)

John Dyman Tyler married after the war and went on to have 9 children. But in the middle of building his family he was again called to defend our young nation - and again against the British - in the War of 1812.

Now, as Paul Harvey would say... the rest of the story...

As you might have deduced, the 86 year old woman that gave me all this information is a member of the Daughters of the America Revolution. But she is also special and dear to my family. She is my wife's grandmother. She is my children's great grandmother. So, my wife and children are Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution.

John Dymon Tyler fought for his children and his children's children.

But he did not fight just for his children and his family, but for the founding of a nation and later the preservation of a nation, and for all who want to enjoy the nation's Blessings of Liberty. He is just one of many who fought for us.

We must ALWAYS remember and honor these people and what they gave to us.

Like John Dymon Tyler, we continue the fight for our nation and its welfare. I will teach my children to honor John Tyler by joining in the fight. I will work to honor him through my efforts to preserve the Constitutional Republic that he was directly involved in creating and defending.

-Michael Kicinski Candidate for Congress, NY22


[Note: If I have it correct, John Tyler was my wife's grandmother's grandfather's grandfather. This makes it all the more real and important to me to keep fighting.]

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