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Fiscal responsibility and balanced budget
Reduce size and influence of big government
Relax, reduce, eliminate mandates and regulations
Expand opportunity and free markets
Strong National defense and security
Energy Independence and Security
Constitutional limited government
First Amendment
Second Amendment
States' Rights
Life, Marriage, Family

Affordable Healthcare Act / "Obamacare": Defunding and Full repeal of Obamacare.

Fiscal Responsibility / Balanced Budget: NO increase in our debt limit. Need a practical balanced budget with real cuts and a short term plan to pay off the national debt.

Immigration / Amnesty: No Amnesty. Legal immigration with border protection and enforcement of immigration laws.

Economy / Jobs: Reduce government mandates and regulations. Eliminate waste. Downsize or eliminate agencies.

NSA: Unconstitutional monitoring of Americans.

Education / Common Core: Education belongs to the States or to the People. No Federal involvement in curriculum and funding. Abolish common core - Stop national record tracking, political agendas, teaching for testing. Support college prep and absolutes.

Drones / Privacy: The US Drone program must have safeguards to protect privacy. The Federal funded drone bases are a farce for job creation.

Constitutional Limited Government: The Constitution defines our government. It does not define our freedoms - It is written to define limited powers for a government that is to protect and defend our freedoms.

The First and Second Amendments: Free speech, free exercise of religion, and a personal right to bear arms - equally across all States of the Union - must be protected and in many cases restored.

Life: Life begins at conception. NO exceptions. The Constitution serves all people, the born and unborn.

Marriage: God created Man and Woman and instituted marriage. Marriage can never be redefined, only perverted. Anything different is against God's law and Natural law.

Family, Marriage, and Life: These are foundational to a secure and stable Society and Nation. We must preserve and protect these uniformly throughout the UNITED States of America - or else we will no longer be united.


Hanna says he Opposes "Obamacare" but votes to fund it.

Hanna says he Supports Gun Rights but votes to fund Anti-Gun Agencies and Anti-Gun Laws, including found in "Obamacare."

Hanna says he Opposes New Debt but votes to increase debt limit.

Hanna says he Opposes Increased Taxes but votes for every spending bill.

Hanna says he for U.S. and New York Jobs but backs increased foreign employment.

Hanna says he Opposes Federal funding of abortion but votes to support it.

Hanna says he agrees with the People but votes against the People.

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