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Why is Michael Kicinski running for Congress?

The reason Mike is running for Congress has not changed - well, maybe it has changed with one more reason: The Kicinski Family welcomed another member in the family when their 13th child was born in December 2013. Mike is running for Congress for the future of our children! We want a nation that will preserve rights and liberties under our Founder's Constitution of the United States for our future generations. If things don't turn around, we will leave our children a national debt that they can never repay. We need real cuts in the budget and a working plan to pay down the debt - not more borrowing for more spending.

About Mike:

Mike, 55, is an electronics engineer who was part of the corporate and technology downsizing after September 11, 2001. He lives in Earlville with his wife, a Registered Nurse, and their 13 children. They attend Holmesville Baptist Church in South New Berlin.

Mike is a founding member and active local coordinator with Norwich TEA Party Patriots. He has been on the front lines with rallies, indoor meetings and talks, and local, Albany, and D.C. office visits on the issues involving national budget and debt, government health care, family, marriage, life, environmental issues, and 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment issues. Mike is a member of the NRA, NYSCOPE, and other groups, and has been qualified as an NRA Range Safety Instructor.

Mike is a Board Member of Quincy Square Museum Association in Earlville. He is a Federal Communications Commission licensed Amateur Radio Operator ("Ham" radio), call sign W2MK, Extra Class licensee and a member of Chenango Valley Amateur Radio Association, Norwich, NY.

Michael Kicinski's efforts, determination, and faith prove that this nation can be restored to its constitutional roots of our Founding Fathers. He will continue to fight for lowering taxes and reducing our national debt to improve our economy, for reduced mandates and regulations to help large and small business, all for the benefit of our nation and our families.

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